Enter Elastos presents FundMyDapp contest

The Elephant Wallet team and Enter Elastos Supernodes would like to introduce a new and exciting Elastos Dapp competition. Developers of all types can submit Dapp ideas onto https://discuss.elapp.org. Community members will vote on their favorite ecosystem Dapp ideas.

The top 3 teams per month will each have a chance to win 1500 ELA to build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for their Dapp. Every winning Dapp will have exactly 6 weeks to finalize their MVP.

Payments will be 500 ELA the first week, 500 ELA the 3rd week and 500 ELA the 5th week based on validation of work. The contest will run for 3 months totaling 16,500 ELA in funding. After the contest concludes, the top 3 Dapp idea's will have a chance to win an additional 500-1500 ELA. Winners of the Dapp competition keep all the rights to their Elastos Dapp.

Developers who submit their ideas need to include one pillar of the Elastos technology (ETH side chain, Carrier, Runtime or DID) on their Dapp. For example, a developer can think of a Voting Dapp that incorporates the Elastos DID Side Chain and Carrier for Peer-to-Peer communication. Interested in Javascript (JS)? Elastos Unity utilizes a React Native framework that uses JS exclusively. Have skills in Ionic Framework? Developers can think of a Dapp idea to build on the Elastos Trinity browser. Have an idea to start your own ecommerce dapp on Elastos? Start using the SDK on the DMA framework. Find all relevant documentation at www.elastos.academy.

Dapp teams looking to submit ideas need to follow a similar format on the CR Suggestions page. Dapp teams must provide an Abstract, Goal, Motivation, Implementation Plan, Team, and Relevance for the Dapp idea.

The goal of this contest is to recruit developers into the Elastos ecosystem. Winners of the contest will be funded through the MVP phase and are encouraged to create a Suggestion on CR in order to fund the rest of the Elastos Dapp project. Alongside Elastos Academy and the ETH Task Force and Elephant Wallet, the Enter Elastos Supernodes are proud to begin enlisting as many talented developers as possible into the Elastos ecosystem.

Real money is at stake to build a Dapp on one of the leading Smart Web projects in the world. Join Elastos and participate in the Dapp competition today!

Competition Rules

1. All Dapp MVP's submitted must be new projects, the development team owns all rights to the Dapp

2. The development team is required to use Github for development. Progress can be validated for funding purposes

3. All Dapp's must utilize one pillar of Elastos technology (click Getting Started at the bottom of this page)

4. The community voted winning Dapp idea's will have 6 weeks to submit their MVP. Payment will be as follow:

  • At the end of the 1st week the dev team will receive 500 ELA
  • At the end of the 3rd week the dev team will receive 500 ELA
  • At the end of the 5th week the dev team will receive 500 ELA

5. If certain standards of productivity are not met, the competition admin has the right to withdraw funding

6. All Dapp MVP submissions will then be considered for the final selection of which the top 3 MVP's will receive extra funding between 500 & 1500 ELA

7. Before you will be able to submit your dapp or vote, you will need to download the Elephant Wallet from Google Play or IOS App Store. https://elephantwallet.app/