This is "Enter Elastos"

Seemingly impossible things can happen. Flying to the Earth's moon and landing men on its surface was, to many, beyond the realms of possibility. But man has flown in space, landed on a satellite and walked on the moon. Enter Elastos believe in Rong Chen's vision, the core team and our amazing community. The three Enter Elastos supernodes are named after the biggest moons in our solar system.

This is because the eleven global citizens who have teamed-up to run them want to become the superstars of supernodes. We are committed to supporting Elastos launch and prosper on its journey to change the world. Vote for Ganymede, Titan and Callisto. Thank you.

A word from Enter Elastos Team

Welcome! As community members ourselves, we are pleased that you have joined us. Like you, we care about Elastos, the Cyber Republic and all its citizens.

As individuals and as part of Enter Elastos, we have all been building the Elastos ecosystem. We've pushed boundaries, created content, engaged with others and written code. We are committed to help Elastos and the Cyber Republic prosper.

We need your support too. By voting for Ganymede, Titan and Callisto, you place your trust in a worthy supernode created by a strong team who have your interests in mind. The entire Enter Elastos team thanks you for your vote.

We believe that ownership of everyone's data and digital life should rest with individuals. Enter Elastos will take action to help Elastos and the Cyber Republic grow to accelerate the realisation of the Elastos Smartweb.

By 2020, the Enter Elastos supernodes and the 11 team members will have contributed directly to the consolidation of the Cyber Republic as an autonomous entity favoring the prosperous development of the Elastos ecosystem.

We are passionate community members, like you. We are fortunate enough to have found one another, built trust as a team and established these 3 moon supernodes. We've done this because it feels right. We support the Elastos community and Rong Chen's vision - please support us. Vote for Ganymede, Titan and Callisto.

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The Cyber Republic is a diverse democratic group of leaders, developers, organizers and designers formed to promote Elastos. Every Elastonian is invited to contribute both to the growth of the ecosystem as well as in the decision process.

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